From summer 2023, companies (above a certain size) are obliged to set up a whistleblowing hotline. This will give employees the opportunity to pass on information about questionable actions accordingly and grievances can be identified at an early stage – companies can thus be protected from costly consequences or damage to their reputation! Together with partner Nicolaus Mels-Colloredo and his team, we are focused on providing you with comprehensive legal support and advice on whistleblowing as well as the protection of whistleblowers. We are also happy to implement a complete whistleblower system for you. Our services in the area of the HSchG include:

  1. Legal advice on the Whistleblower Protection Act:
    We provide a detailed legal analysis of the HSchG and explain the requirements and obligations that apply to your company. Our experienced team ensures that you meet all relevant legal requirements and that your compliance is guaranteed.
  2. Implementation of whistleblower systems:
    An effective whistleblower system is critical for companies to identify and address potential wrongdoing internally. We help you design and implement customized whistleblower systems that meet legal requirements while ensuring whistleblower protection.
  3. Data protection clarifications:
    The protection of personal data is a key aspect of whistleblower systems. Our experts support you in the legally compliant handling and processing of sensitive information in order to protect the data privacy of your employees.
  4. Training and awareness:
    We provide training for your workforce to raise awareness of the HSchG and the importance of whistleblowing. In doing so, we promote an open corporate culture where potential wrongdoing can be reported without fear of reprisal.
  5. Representation in disputes:
    Should conflicts or disputes arise in connection with whistleblowing, we will stand by you as competent legal representation and work to assert your interests.

Our team has extensive experience in this area and is committed to providing you with customized solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements. We understand the importance of effective whistleblower protection and are committed to ensuring that your company takes the necessary steps to create a trusting work environment and proactively address potential wrongdoing.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our whistleblower protection law services and how we can help you implement a whistleblower system!