In the rapidly developing hydrogen industry, we offer comprehensive legal advice and support to provide our clients with innovative and customized solutions. We navigate through complex regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements, aiding in the development, financing, and implementation of hydrogen projects in Austria, always focusing on the bankability and financial viability of these ventures.

Our expertise in joint venture agreements, EPC contracts, and operator agreements establishes a solid foundation for the success of hydrogen initiatives, ensuring both technical and commercial aspects are considered to optimize the financing of the projects. A critical aspect of our consultation is the design and negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and offtake agreements, which are also crucial for the commercial viability of hydrogen projects. Our consultation also includes utilizing grants and subsidies, particularly through the European Hydrogen Bank, which plays a key role in financing such projects.

We ensure that your hydrogen projects are not only technically and regulatory feasible but also attractive to investors and financial institutions. Our aim is to provide legal certainty and enhance the economic success of your projects, contributing to a sustainable energy future.