One of our core competences is assisting insurers and insured companies in the handling of complex insurance and claims cases. We regularly advise on all issues relating to liability insurance relationships and financial losses. In particular, we assist in the assessment of liability and coverage issues and, if necessary, provide legal representation in liability, coverage or recourse proceedings. Our clients benefit from our long-standing expertise in all lines of insurance and our eye for commercial objectives.

Our clients include:

  • Insurance companies / insurance departments
  • Reinsurers
  • Insurance brokers / agents
  • Underwriters
  • Insured persons (in particular managing directors and board members as well as companies)

We see ourselves as a “one-stop shop” for our clients and, if required, can also support them with tax and business advice through PHH Tax and PHH Advisory. In addition, in cases with an international dimension, we often also take on the coordination of cross-border legal enforcement with reliable and specialised cooperation partners.

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Insurance Law at the Vienna firm – in Austria – Internationally

“Insurance law is s a branch of commercial and civil law that regulates the legal relations between insurance companies and economic entities outside the insurance industry; it also establishes insurance supervision as a field governed by public law. Unless there is an exemption from insurance, social insurance is considered to be governed by public law. Private insurance law and social insurance law are therefore distinctly separate legal disciplines.

Insurance law governs the relationship between the risk community and the means of protection against damage.” Source Wikipedia

We advise our clients on all aspects of insurance law. Our areas of expertise include defending against claims for coverage, processing claims, forensic investigations and handling of major and/or industrial claims, questions of product liability and product recall, aspects of criminal law, the sale of insurance, and issues related to cyber risk and cybercrime.

The range of services we offer in the area of ​​insurance law is aimed at insurance companies or insurance departments, reinsurers, insurance brokers, underwriting agents or insured persons themselves. As far as individuals are concerned, our clients are mostly managing directors and board members. We see ourselves, as a law firm, as a so-called one-stop shop where our clients can find comprehensive support in all areas of the law. In addition to insurance law, our PHH Tax and PHH Advisory divisions provide advice on tax or economic issues. In insurance cases of international dimensions, we are also happy to take care of the coordination and enforcement of legal claims abroad. We rely on our network of specialized and long-standing cooperation partners in doing so.

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