In the case of outstanding receivables, the right strategy, speed and the right
(time) management are required. And that is exactly what we are experts in. Our
law firm has many years of experience in receivables law and has its own
receivables management department.

Your advantages:

  • With us, you’ll get it faster! There is no time to lose, especially with
    companies that have payment difficulties!
  • Take advantage of the authority of a law firm: a lawyer has more authority
    in court and can block company accounts or have regular deposits seized!
  • Complete outsourcing of your dunning process – at no additional cost to

We know what matters and how to collect debts effectively, with a high success rate and while protecting the customer relationship.

And in the best case, your debtor pays everything and you, as our customer, pay nothing at all!

Our team consists of Sebastian Mahr, partner, and Gabriele Mraz, our leading expert in the field of receivables management with over 15 years of experience. In 2022 alone, our recovery or success rate was over 70%! We would be happy to present our concept and offer for comprehensive receivables management support in a non-binding meeting.