We know the economy. We know markets. We know companies. We know, therefore, how important it is to provide competent criminal law support when needed. We are a top law firm for litigation, criminal defence and compliance.

In the field of white collar crime, we provide expertise regarding the risks associated with business decisions and will quickly identify any white collar crime implications. We also support our clients by setting up teams including experts from other fields, such as accounting experts and IT forensic experts, to investigate white collar crime; if necessary, the know-how of our commercial lawyers and the expertise of our criminal defence specialists will create a tailor-made solution for you to counter such allegations. Thanks to our many years of experience in these areas, we are also able to offer our customers individualised and effective compliance solutions, in each case preceded by a specific needs assessment. In the event of damage, we enforce the claims of the injured party quickly and efficiently in the course of the criminal proceedings, thus protecting our clients against time-consuming and costly civil proceedings.