Sports have always been of great importance to us, not only because many of our top lawyers are enthusiastic football players, passionate skiers and experienced mountaineers, but because our firm offers top-level expertise in the field of sports management.

Professional athletes are faced with many decisions that significantly influence the course of their careers. These days, a successful career in professional sports is no longer possible without the right support, the right legal advice and the right partners – and this is where we come in. We see ourselves as long-term partners and supportive companions for athletes. We develop individual solutions that set the course for future careers. We advise athletes on everything to do with the law, contracts and the media. Throughout all these processes, procedures and contractual matters, our focus is always on the interests of the individual athlete.

Through our partnership with SoccerQ, we offer first-class support especially for professional footballers. Together, we help young talents and professional players to develop continuously. We offer an all-round package including sports-related, contractual and economic advice so as to leave the athlete free to concentrate on his sporting career. Trust, respect and care of the individual are top priorities when advising and supporting a player.

At PHH, we are not only fans of classic sports, but also enthusiastic about “esports”, which is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Our firm advises stakeholders in e-sports on the scouting of the “legal fog of war”. We offer our support not only to clans/clubs and pro-gamers/eThletes, we also offer interested companies our support in starting “new games” in esports and in the levelling-up of new business ideas through professional legal advice. We see ourselves as a network hub connecting the esports community and companies. We regularly provide an arena for different players in our “PHH Rooftop Tournaments”, unique esports events that take place at our premises overlooking the skyline of Vienna, which creates opportunities for esports stakeholders to get in touch with each other personally and exchange ideas. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. Since esports is still a relatively young legal field, we support our customers with the best legal advice, thus ensuring that uncertainties are hedged and reduced.

Top experts.