The right decisions. That is what makes companies successful. And making the right decisions requires good partners and the certainty that all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines are taken into account. This is especially true for the banking and financial sector, which is regulated by a multitude of national and international directives. We therefore offer our clients, such as investment companies, financial services institutions, investment firms or FinTech start-ups, excellent all-around 360° regulatory assistance from legal, financial and advisory perspectives.


Does your company need regulatory support? Maybe with incorporation, outsourcing, cross-border transactions or licensing? Do you have questions about liquidity, equity or compliance requirements? With experience in regulatory matters and legal interdisciplinary know-how, we accompany your processes, advise on your decisions and monitor your actions with regard to their legality, admissibility and chances of success. Our broad range of expertise clearly distinguishes us from other commercial law firms. This is because PHH Rechtsanwält:innen can take on not only the role of a legal department, but also all additional responsibilities if necessary and during transitional periods. Our team includes not only top lawyers with experience as in-house lawyers for banks, regulators or international law firms, but also auditors, financial experts, industry counsel, and FMA experts. Unlike other law firms, this makes us a one-stop partner with interdisciplinary solutions for all your regulatory concerns.